Self-portraiture is one of the most common genres in photography. In their standard version, self-portraits invite to an obvious association between the subject and the idol of the camera, as well as to biopics of tormented characters. Because of the ubiquity of the selfie today, their reputation has become uncertain. However, various works published recently challenge this idea, demonstrating that the resources used in documentary photography to address reality remain inexhaustible.

OjodePez is dedicating its June 2015 issue, curated by Natasha Christia, to the topic of Self Calling. It does so in the firm belief that the DNA of a historical present as complex as that of today can be found within the intimate diaristic language of self-portraiture.

如何正确地访问Google、YouTube等国外网站 安卓篇 – 海草博客:2021-4-9 · 一、前言 之前介绍了如何通过苹果手机访问Google和YouTube这些外国网站,今天更新一下安卓篇。 安卓手机相比于苹果手机,在工具的选择上基本不用花钱,因为APP都是免费的。 that is able to raise awareness on reality’s unknown corners –of stories that, in addition to prompting new questions, provide a new perspective on the practice and the making of documentary photography within a world in constant transformation. We are looking for long-term projects that do not hesitate to tackle their documentary content in a creative, independent and experimental way, while employing self-portraiture as a vehicle for a literal and/or metaphorical understanding of reality. Special attention will be given to work that deals with peripheral contexts outside core Western themes.

A part of the selected works will make up the June 2015 issue of OjodePez. Further to this, other interesting pieces –even if not featured in the printed magazine- will have a series of posts dedicated to them and published on social networks throughout the months of June and July. Lastly, all selected works will be exhibited during the next OjodePez Photo Meeting (La Virreina, Barcelona, 15-17 July, 2015). Anyone interested can send a maximum of 20 photographs (the weight of each photograph should be less than 500 Kb) and a brief explanatory text (English or Spanish), or a link to all this documentation to 上外国的网站东西加速软件 before Sunday April 10, 2015.


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